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Aayushi Laura: The Young Entrepreneur Who Made The Tables Turn

Begun at the age of just 17 years, this young girl has broken the stereotypes and emerged out to be as one of the most loved creators of any motivational pages on Instagram. She developed her own Dropshipping business and became a self-made millionaire by the age of 18 years. In this article, we are going to talk about the journey of Aayushi Laura and her Instagram page @peace.whisperer.

How it all began:

Aayushi Laura created @peace.whisperer when she was 17 years old because she wanted to bring a change in the mentality of people and help people get a new and better perspective towards life. She knew that by helping others she would be helping herself too. She began to influence a lot of people. Although she was tiny to think about this enormous thing she never had tiny dreams.

“I am not the best healer out there, but I love how I‘ve helped people out of their depression and prevented suicides; I don’t even remember the numbers – I’ve always believed that it doesn’t matter how broken you are; you are never too broke to fix others. I believed that I was powerful and could make it happen.”

Her dedication is applauded – and these things never came to her granted. She was highly opposed and demotivated by people around her and her genius was questioned several times,
“I always used to hear things like ~ these things won’t take you anywhere. You better focus on studying rather than wasting your time over this junkie (phone). P.S. I still hear that a lot.”

Absolutely unaffected by what people had to say she kept on going and is about to get her first book published by next year. She says “I have invested a great deal of time & energy into this, and now there is no turning back.”

Aayushi Laura is now a 19 years old student and is in the final year of her graduation in English (Honours). Her aim is to heal people by spreading Peace & Positivity amongst them; being greatly influenced by positivity and peaceful vibes she named her page @Peace.whisperer


At present, @aayushi.aa is motivating 190k people all over the world by spreading the word among the masses.
Follow @peace.whisperer on Instagram; She also replies to the DMs and can pretty much help you.

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