AAP will solve the problem of garbage in five years after coming to power in MCD: Gopal Rai

New Delhi. Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Delhi unit convenor and minister Gopal Rai on Friday said his party will solve the city’s garbage management problem within five years if voted to power in the MCD. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has failed in its 15-year tenure in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The party had earlier this month released Kejriwal’s 10 guarantees for the December 4 MCD polls, promising to remove three mountains of garbage (landfill sites) and address the problem of waste mismanagement in the capital. .

Asked why the party was focusing on the issue of garbage, he said, “It is not just you but the people of Delhi who are raising this issue.” Senior AAP leader Atishi had earlier said that the party would seek the help of international experts to find solutions to reduce the size of the three mountains of garbage. Rai agreed with him and said that there are many countries which have come up with technological solutions for waste management.

He said, I visited Sweden some time ago and it is a country which used to be polluted at one point of time. There, the waste collected from households goes directly to treatment plants. They turn it into energy and fertilizer. Elaborating on the party’s plans, Rai said in the interview that he would set up treatment plants in Delhi where the waste collected from households would be dumped directly there and electricity would be generated.

We will install more machines to clean the landfill site, he said. The Aam Aadmi Party will do the work in the next five years which the BJP has not been able to do in the last 15 years of its rule in the MCD. The national capital has recorded 3,044 cases of dengue this year while in 2021, 9,613 cases were reported.

He said, dengue is not an isolated problem. It is a matter of cleanliness. If the sanitation system in Delhi is maintained and improved, then the problem of dengue can be solved. The solution to all types of diseases like dengue, malaria lies in cleanliness. If they are managed properly then the problem will be solved.

The AAP has been under constant attack by the BJP over allegations of corruption against leaders such as Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain. Will such allegations and the allegation that MCD tickets were sold affect the mindset of the voters? Rai said, BJP has no issue to talk about. He wears a mask every day. Since March, when he postponed the MCD elections, he has been abusing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and using every trick to defame him. But Bhag BJP Bhag (slogan) is resonating everywhere. The election results will be announced on December 7.

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