Aan Tiwari’s elder sister Sachi Tiwari to play Sumati in &TV’s ‘Bal Shiv’

A new entry is going to happen soon in &TV’s show ‘Bal Shiv’. Saachi Tiwari, who has worked in many popular television shows, will play the character of Sumati in the show. Sumati is the daughter of Vidyadhar and Sulochana. She will strongly support Mahasati Anusuiya, that is, Mouli Ganguly. Incidentally, Saatchi is also the elder sister of Aan Tiwari, who is playing the lead role in &TV’s ‘Bal Shiv’. &TV’s ,‘Baal Shiva’ Talking about playing the role of Sumati in the film, she said, Sumati is an innocent girl and she is the daughter of Vidyadhar and Sulochana, the teachers of the Gurukul of Mahasati Anusuiya. Viewers will witness the unique relationship between Sumati and Mahasati Anusuiya. The story will show how Anusuiya helps her in getting married and how child Shiva deals with the demons who come to disturb her marriage. In this way a beautiful relationship of brother and sister will be seen behind the scenes and on screen.

In &TV’s Bal Shiva, In which his younger brother Aan Tiwari is playing the lead role, On getting a chance to play a role, Saatchi said, “It’s one of the best things that happened to me – playing a role in a show that also stars my brother. Now we have a lot of time to spend and play with each other. I am a new character in this show. However, I am already a member of the crew of this show. I love Mouli Ganguly on screen as well as off screen. I got to know about many of the people on the show from my brother, as I would often visit the sets and spend time with them. That’s why I get to know not only the actors but with the entire crew. This team is like a family and I am very happy to get a chance to work with all of them. He has supported and guided me a lot. Together we are having a lot of fun. I am looking forward to spending more time with my younger brother Aan and acting with him in a television show.”

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Sahil Kothari

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