A woman suffering from serious heart disease brought by airlift from America to Chennai, you will be surprised to hear the cost of airlifting

In this longest case of aero-medical evacuation in India, a 67-year-old woman suffering from serious heart ailment was airlifted from Portland, USA to Chennai in 26 hours.

In the longest case of aero-medical evacuation in India, a 67-year-old woman with a serious heart condition was airlifted from Portland in the US to Chennai in 26 hours. However, the identity of the woman is yet to be ascertained. The woman was undergoing treatment in Portland, USA. However, his family members wanted him to undergo heart surgery at a hospital in Chennai. More than one crore was spent in this airlifting.

Let us tell you that the plane from which the woman was brought was ICU equipped. The woman was brought to Chennai by two private planes. First he was brought from Portland to Turkey in Istanbul and then from here to Chennai. The medical team aboard the first private jet consisted of three doctors and two paramedics staff. The plane took seven and a half hours to reach Reykjavik Airport in Iceland from Portland. Here it took the first stop. After refueling here, the plane took the second stop in Istanbul, where the medical and aviation crew were replaced. During this, a doctor from Bangalore was on board the plane from America to monitor the patient.

According to the information, the process of heart surgery in America took a lot of time. Apart from this, the money involved in this was more than being airlifted to India. So the family decided to get the woman treated in Chennai.

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