A mysterious plane passing over some countries without any information caused a stir

Dodging air defense systems, an aircraft was flying over 6 NATO countries, neither the pilot nor anyone else was present in it at the time of investigation

Today, the security technology of all countries has become so much better that every country captures the smallest objects coming in the airspace. But in the midst of all this, an airplane kept flying over 6 NATO countries, dodging air defense systems. This incident caused a stir. After this several fighter jets were also sent to chase the plane. When a mysterious plane landed after this, the most surprising incident happened. In the investigation of this plane, it was found that neither the pilot nor anyone was present in it!

Let us tell you that while crossing not one or two but 6 countries, information is being collected about this ‘mysterious airplane’ reaching Bulgaria. On this matter, Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry said that on Wednesday an unidentified plane had entered their country’s airspace. There was not much danger from the aircraft flying at very low altitude. At present the investigation in this matter is going on.

According to the information, this ‘mysterious plane’ came to the Bulgarian border via the airspace of Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Lithuania. After that it entered. Fighter jets (F-16) from Hungary and Romania went into active mode after the mysterious plane entered the airspace. When there was no response, the fighter jets also chased the plane. After this, the unknown plane landed in a small airport in Hungary, but soon it took off after refueling and then it appeared in the fields of neighboring Bulgaria. On checking this plane, there was neither a pilot nor anyone in it.

According to reports, when this unknown plane landed in Hungary, 5-6 people had landed for refueling. And when the Hungarian police tried to stop them, they all ran away.

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