A man who went viral from a paragliding video is now doing paragliding with this beautiful actress

“Take a hundred, two hundred more, but somehow land it…!” Vipin Kumar, who went viral with this video last year, is now paragliding with Alia

You might remember a viral video of a young man paragliding last year, in which he is seen reaching the heights of the sky and making all kinds of excuses, talking about getting himself down. Now the fate of the person who went viral through this video has changed overnight. Once upon a time, this young man, pleading to land himself on the ground, got a chance to do paragliding with Alia Bhatt. When people got to see this video, people were surprised by this. The name of this person is Vipin Kumar. Vipin Kumar’s video was making a lot of noise on social media a few years back.

In this video he was doing paragliding. However, he was so scared that he was seen paragliding and begging the instructor to get down anyway. One such video of this person has now surfaced. However, in this video, Alia is seen paragliding with him. Actually this is an advertisement for Cadbury’s Perk Chocolate. The ad has been shot in such a way that it looks like Alia is paragliding with him. Vipin Kumar has shared this video on his Instagram account.

Sharing this video, Vipin Kumar captioned, “Who says a meme can’t take you to heights? Who says a meme’s life is only a month or two long? All these things are rubbish. I am Alia. I am shooting with Bhatt. Vipin also thanked Alia Bhatt and Cadbury.Working for Vipin in this ad was like a dream come true.

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Sahil Kothari

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