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A ‘horse’ was seen standing with people in the train, the video is going viral…

New Delhi | Train Horse Viral Video : You must have also seen people traveling in trains with their pets in many rural areas. Most of these cattle and people are given by the Railway Police Force Bhilai and in the name of action, they are done. This is the reason why people travel with bicycles as well as dogs, cats and even small children of cow buffalo. Although what we are going to tell you today, it may seem strange to hear but it is completely true. These days a video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet in which a horse is seen traveling in a train with some people. In this video, a person is holding his hand on the back of the horse and there is another person who is holding its reins. Both of them are said to be the owners of the horse.

Railways ordered inquiry

Train Horse Viral Video : This video is becoming increasingly viral on the internet and people are sharing it fiercely. According to the information received after finding out about the video, this horse was being taken from 24 Parganas to Baruipur for a race. Returning after the race was over, the owner also put the horse on the train. Some people also opposed it but they did not agree. After the video was about, Eastern Railway has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Railways has said that it is against the rules to take any animal along in this way in the train and action will be taken as far as possible.

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a different tax experience

Train Horse Viral Video : Most people will definitely have a different experience after watching the video. But if you belong to Bengal then it is not a big deal. Usually small cattle are seen traveling with their pets. This is common especially for states like Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand. However, for many people it will definitely be a different kind of experience.

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