57 lakhs became Rs 1 lakh in a year, this share did this amazing


Multibagger Stock Tips: Equity returns are strong in the year 2021 but the surprise for stock market experts is that BSE SME stocks are also included in the list of multibagger stocks in India in 2021. The shares of Aditya Vision are a living example of this.

BSE SME Listed The stock has been skyrocketing throughout the year and ended in the green zone in 4 out of the last 5 trading sessions. Aditya Vision Stock is a BSE SME listed stock which got listed in December 2016. The stock price of this Bihar-based retailer had fallen 5 per cent, but in the last 5 trading sessions, it gained nearly 10 per cent. On the BSE, it rose from Rs 1286.90 to Rs 1415.20 per stock.

This stock is growing continuously
In the last one month, the share price of Aditya Vision has increased from Rs 607.20 to Rs 1415.20 (early August). Which is more than 133 percent return to shareholders. If we look at the history of this SME listed stock in the last 6 months, it has increased from Rs 81.45 to Rs 1415.20 per stock. In the last one year, this BSE SME listed stock rose from Rs 24.70 to Rs 1415.20 per stock level.

57.30 lakhs of 1 lakh
If you look at the price history of Aditya Vision share, it can be said that if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in BSE SME counter a month ago, then it would have become Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2.33 lakh but, if the investor had invested 6 months ago Had he invested in the shares of Aditya Vision and kept investing in it, his ₹ 1 lakh would have become ₹ 17.37 lakh.

If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock exactly one year back, his Rs 1 lakh would have become Rs 57.30 lakh as the stock has given a return of about 5630 per cent during this period.

Disclaimer: (The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always consult an expert before investing money as an investor. Anyone from ABPLive.com Also investing money is never advised here.)

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