50 killed in Russian attack on station

Kyiv, On the 43rd day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia launched a cruise missile attack on a railway station, killing at least 50 people. It is being told that thousands of people were at the station at that time and were trying to get out of there somehow. Russia has previously targeted theaters and hospitals where people took refuge. More than a hundred people have been injured in a Russian missile attack on a railway station. It is being told that the death toll may increase.

Russia has attacked a railway station in eastern Ukraine with a cruise missile on the 43rd day of the war. The attack took place in Kramatorsk, Donetsk, which was declared independent by Russia. Donetsk’s governor said thousands of people were waiting for a train to leave when the attack took place. However, Russia has denied the attack. On the contrary, the Russian Defense Ministry has accused Ukraine of deliberately targeting the train station.

After denying an attack on the station, Russia said its military had destroyed a military training center in Odessa. Significantly, earlier the bodies of hundreds of people who were killed by Russian soldiers were found in Bucha near the capital Kyiv. In this case, a claim by Germany has increased the problems of Russia, which is facing charges of genocide in the city of Bucha. Germany has said that its intelligence department has recorded radio transmissions of the Russian military via satellite. In this conversation, officers of the Russian army are ordering soldiers to kill civilians. However, Russia has rejected it as propaganda.

On the other hand, Ukrainian media has claimed that the Sumy region of Ukraine has been completely freed from the occupation of Russian troops. Keep in mind that traces of carnage were also found in this area. However, the United Nations has reported that more than 1600 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far. It also includes 131 children. Describing the Russian military’s attack as barbaric, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it had confirmed more than a hundred attacks on health institutions in Ukraine, in which 73 people were killed and 51 injured.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has claimed that it has killed more than 18,000 Russian soldiers in the war so far. The United Nations said that 4.3 million people have taken refuge in other countries because of the Russo-Ukraine war. About 65 lakh people have been displaced in their own country. Meanwhile, after America, Britain has also banned the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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