$40 billion in aid to Ukraine

Washington, It’s been 73 days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For the past two and a half months, the Ukrainian army has been bravely fighting Russia. Lawmakers in the lower house of the US Congress on Tuesday approved a new $40 billion aid package to help Ukraine. Its bill was passed by a margin of 368 votes as against 57. That amount is $7 billion more than what Biden requested in April.

The bill also provides for military and economic aid to Ukraine, aid to regional allies, replenishment or replacement of weapons sent by the Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. The bill also seeks to provide $5 billion in aid to address the global food shortage that has caused Ukraine’s many crops to be destroyed by war.

Meanwhile, Bridget Brink, the Biden administration’s nominee for US ambassador to Ukraine, promised lawmakers on Tuesday that she would work to strategically thwart Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She said that instead of diplomacy, she would focus more on coordinating the weapons consignments being sent from Western countries for Ukraine’s military. Brink has spent most of his 25-year diplomatic career in the former Soviet republics. He spoke to members of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

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