21 june International yoga day 2021 .

Today is International Yoga Day 

” Theme of 2021 yoga day is ‘Yoga For Wellness’, 

Yoga assumed significance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and has emerged as a world trend. Yoga not exclusively provides physical and mental relaxation but put together develops strength and resilience. The assorted blessings of Yoga produce a popular application for people across the world.


History of International Yoga Day:

Yoga is believed to have originated in the country thousands of years ago and put together finds mention in ancient mythological books similar to the Rig sacred text. On twenty seven Sep 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, throughout his speech at the worldwide organization General Assembly, projected the thought of active ‘Yoga Day’. The draft resolution passed along with the country was backed by 177 nations and so the first International Yoga Day was celebrated on june 21 2015. Yoga plays an important role among the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine and isolation. The message of Yoga is promoting  the physical and mental well-being of humanity which has never been heaps of relevant. The planet Health Organisation (WHO) has asked its member states to use Yoga and has included it in its international Action created for physical activity 2018-30.

Almost every human on earth is in an exceedingly means facing issues related to stress, depression and anxiety. The pandemic by motility jobs, businesses, travel and even physical bits and intimacy has unleashed anxiety and stress worldwide. As humans wear masks and distance socially the bonds between them are being stretched and broken. Even survivors face unknown severe complications post Covid that are presently placed along remark as long Covid.

Yoga Asanas involving stretching, metabolism exercises and meditation with the way of well being which is able to alleviate our stress and anxiety disorders. they permitted to become heaps of aware and resilient, giving the strength to face and endure the traumatic times.


What is India’s role in International Yoga Day 2021?

We all understand that Yoga has been given to the globe by the Republic of India, Yoga has been practiced in India for many years and in India there have been several such stages achieved success within the field of spirituality through yoga. The big name is of Hindu swami Vivekananda and conjointly of Maharishi Patanjali, it had been a matter of giving yoga to the globe, currently allowing us to understand what the role of the Republic of India in giving Yoga Day to the globe.


How did the Republic of India give international yoga day to the world?

The proposal to celebrate Yoga Day was planned by the Narendra Modi current Prime Minister of India in the world organization General Assembly (UNGA) on twenty seven Sep 2014 and for the primary time International Yoga Day was celebrated on twenty one June 2015 during which the Prime Minister of India and India plays a vital  role.


India’s role in International Yoga Day 2021?

Now if we tend to see the role of the Republic of India on Yoga Day this year, then the Ministry of AYUSH (MoA) has declared a jingle contest at the national level, under this, if anybody can participate during this contest and wins, the reward of Rs. 25000. This can increase the attention of yoga among the individuals.




Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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