10 Cultural And Entertaining Things To Do On Andaman Island

The beauty of Andaman Island is somewhat distinct from the rest of India. That’s why it is a popular tourist hub. The island offers some rare and unique things that people cannot relish anywhere else in the country. Know about 10 cultural and entertaining things to do on Andaman Island before starting your trip.

A tour to Andaman will give you unimaginable happiness and unforgettable memories that you are going to cherish for your entire life. The pristine islands, scenic beaches and green surroundings provide you with endless opportunities of having fun in the Andaman.

There are plenty of places to visit in Andaman for every type of trip and for people of every age group. The culture of Andaman is as beautiful as its landscapes. So, Knowledge of entertaining activities will help you in exploring the Islands in a much better way.

Be a part of Festivities

festivities andaman island

The inhabitants of Andaman Island celebrate a series of tourism, beach and music festivals. By doing so, they try to familiarise the tourists with the indigenous culture of the alluring Island. The main among them is the Island tourism festival that is celebrated for 15 days in the main regions. Take part in the festivities and listen to musical bands, watch performances to understand the culture. The lively celebrations will surely add a charm into your vacation.

Enjoy Light and Sound Show

light and sound show andaman

Cellular jail is one of the best places to visit in Andaman. This British era prison is also famous with the name ofKaalaPaani Jail. Situated at Port Blair, it was used by British people to punish the colonial prisoners. The light and sound show at this memorial will invoke a feeling of true patriotism in you. The show includes heart-wrenching tales of prisoners’ torture in the jail in the voice of veteran actor Om Puri along with some acts.

Shop the Handicrafts

handicrafts andaman

Aberdeen Bazaar is the hub of tourists who love to shop. The colourful markets hold everything that you require as a souvenir from your Andaman trip. You can get the beautiful artefacts prepared by tribal people of the Island. The handicrafts include pearl and shell jewellery, beautiful items made up of bamboo and cane, coconut shell lamps and wood carvings and furniture. You can get all of them at reasonable prices.

Take a Sightseeing Tour

sightseeing andaman

The beautiful destinations of Andaman are worth visiting no matter with whom you are travelling. Sightseeing is a very important part of any trip. So, take a tour to the top places of Andaman on your outing. Know that there is much more than water sports hence; preserve some days for sightseeing as well. You can explore places like Samundrika Marine Museum, Radhanagar Beach, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and ChidiyaTapu on your trip.

Collect White Shells

white shells andaman

The beaches of Andaman are studded with beautiful white seashells. Collecting the seashells with your loved ones is a different kind of fun activity no matter how old you are. The Wandoor Beach is the ideal destination for collecting the whitest and most beautiful seashells of Andaman Island. Maybe you will be fortunate enough to find a beautiful pearl hidden in a shell.

Island Hopping

andaman island

The natural charms of Andaman are hidden in its far spread islands. The top Islands of Andaman are Neil Island, Havelock Island, Ross and Smith Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Viper Island and North Bay Island. Go for Island hopping and have fun at the white sandy beaches with your friends or family. A visit to these Islands will also help you in interacting with locals and knowing their culture.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin andaman

You couldn’t miss meeting the friendliest sea creatures while exploring the sea at the Andaman. It is one of the favourite activities of animal lovers. Just sit into your boat and wait patiently till it reaches in the midst of bright blue sea water. Enjoy the funny and entertaining activities of dolphins as they move, play and jump around your boat. Their happiness is contagious enough to elate your mood! You can enjoy this activity at Havelock Island at affordable prices.

Explore the Limestone Caves

limestone caves andaman

The limestone caves of Baratang Island narrate an unheard tale of the historic era and the dwellers of those times. Visiting these ancient caves is one of the fascinating things to do in Andaman Island. Marvel at the sight of natural structures of stalactites and stalagmites in the caves. The speed boat ride to reach these beautiful caves is equally enticing. Riding in your speed boat through the dense mangrove forests, you can view varied species of flora and fauna.

Experience the Turquoise Blue Water of Andaman

Last but not the least; you can take part in various water activities to experience the sea water of Andaman. Indulge in water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling and seaplane riding. Tourists never leave a chance to witness the charm of clear sea water and the species in it. You will find plenty of activities to enjoy every bit of the sea on your Andaman trip. Take advantage of it and don’t limit yourself only to swimming. After all, these types of beaches and seawater views are rare and limited in India.

So, have ultimate fun on your tour to Andaman Island. Take part in every activity that gives you a chance to understand the culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants. Just don’t stick to some common activities as increasing your range will also enhance your entertainment quotient!

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